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TODAY'S VIDEO GAME MARKET IS MORE CROWDED THAN EVER. Today's video game market is more crowded than ever before. Making your game or product the best it can be should be the top of your list. We're here to help with some of the other tasks required for a successful launch, campaign or release.


Video Game Conventions have become a staple of doing business in this industry, we have ties to get your game to the top. We can coordinate upcoming press events and schedule appointments that fit your schedule.

It is not just about press releases anymore. Team Critical Hit's Public Relations Ideals go much further. We connect with media, influencers, and fans on a global level to ensure that your game hits a core audience and grows from there.

Navigating the influencer landscape can be tricky. You can overpay for a small mention on a live stream or build a huge audience for free with some extra codes. Our goal is to make sure your investments are spent wisely and your fans respond.

Just like influencers you are going to spend on advertising. Our job is to make sure you partner with agencies that hit the right fanbase and then expand.


Introductions to Publishers is critical in this industry. If you are going Indie we are with you all the way. However, if you need some introductions, we work heavily with publishers who can help. We also are part of the PAX Investment Summit team and pride ourselves on these relationships.

Looking for software partnerships? We can help with several options in terms of third party programs which will bring your game to the next level. If you need to add voice, work with a new engine, or find partners for events our network is strong with the force.

Need foreign localization and assistance? How can you launch your game in Europe, Brazil, or Japan? It does take work, but it is work well worth the effort. We can help you talk to companies that specialize in those markets and build bridges across the oceans for you.


Let’s schedule a kickoff! We can’t wait to meet you and your team.

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